Uh, I just found what us, the bookworms, are dreaming about : The Bookshelf Tower!!!. I'll probably feel overwhelmed to finish the books, but might slowly enjoy being surrounded by them, smelling scent of the paper while reading them :) Ah, It sounds fun already!

And it is a good thing too if we have this bookshelf tower. They can be a perfect companion when we're in old age ;)




How dreamy are these pictures? The gates to travel into another worlds are about to open, and we can escape far from the routines.

Source : guest of nature


I didn't want my sister to read my blog, but after she found it yesterday ( which made me really upset, yea ), I've finally come to a decision to let her open and read my blog again.

I am sorry about yesterday, and I put this music video, which is really nice, to chill everything down :)