Wow. I know that 2010 will be ended in two days, but I still can't believe that it'll end this fast. I mean, I still remember everything when 2010 just begun, like when I watched E!News, Giuliana and Ryan cheered on how wonderful it felt to start a new year on 2010 and some people yelled, "Welcome twenty-ten!!", some stuffs like that. Yes, I still remember the things.

So, It's gonna be 2011, right? I really hope that I can be a much better person next year. I'm gonna be in college next year (wish me luck, Insya Allah) and I am actually really looking forward for it. I just have to struggle really hard to pass the entrance exam in which college I want to go to. Being independence and be an open-minded person will be one of my personalities that I expect to be more developed next year, because I am the last daughter in my family and I am a very shy in person, so yeah, hopefully I can really make it.

Well, happy new year! 

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I was emotionally drained today, and I hate being such an emotional over some of conversations which is related to one of my seemingly-unreachable dream. But I've got lucky enough to have a train's album as accompanion with me right now. Setting up the volume high so my cousin wouldn't know that I was actually crying.

Oh gosh. I've said too much.

Uhm, anyway, do you guys already know about the first winter solstice lunar eclipse in 456 years? I ignored this news when it spread on tumblr, but Shannon's reminded me about this event. Make sure to stay awake because it'll reach the peak viewing time in the States is 3:17 am EST and 12:17 am PST. I am not sure that I'm able to see it, because the only problem I have is that I live in Indonesia where winter doesn't exist. Well, let's make some wish here.


Hello again :)

Today, I just checked my favorite fashion blogger, Diana Rikasari, for her old archives on January, and I just found this interesting website called weardrobe and Diana put some pictures from the magazine in which she featured on. This makes me smile, really, and I can't wait for 2010's weardrobe 100  :)

I go to the magazine and see all those beautiful people with their gorgeous outfits and I am kind of jealous tho, considering I can't effort to buy my own stuffs with my own money. But oneday, I will.

Anyway, what'll you do during holidays? I've set my to-do list and I've got to manage it really well.


Good afternoon,

day has been windy here for two days, it's scary to hear the wind's whistle but I kind of like it. Uhm, anyway let me say hello to you all and welcome to my not-so-new blog. I actually created this blog on August and I've made another blog, called blablublah, but school stuffs really had me going busy everyday, so I've lost my appetite to touch that blog. LOL.

And here I am now. Making another blog, hoping I can update it frequently. Just wish me luck, okay?