I didn't want my sister to read my blog, but after she found it yesterday ( which made me really upset, yea ), I've finally come to a decision to let her open and read my blog again.

I am sorry about yesterday, and I put this music video, which is really nice, to chill everything down :)


Isn't the patterns really lovely? I just look for some nice floor pillows, but then I found many crafties from fabrics and it really got me hooked for them. I imagine myself making some wall decoration's or some clutters from these fabrics for my future room/home. I guess it will be really fun to do :)

My computer is now dead, there is something wrong with the CPU. But, thank goodness, my dad left his laptop for me to use for this weekend so I can still do some of school assignments, and I am still worried about all my precious datas in there tho. Hopefully, my computer will be okay soon after it gets fixed.

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A cat came to my house and she was an attention-seeker. She loves to be pet and I love her when she makes this furr~ sound.

So far, 2011 has been giving me a squeeze of lime juice. Exams are waiting over there, yet my emotions haven't set really well like I-myself want it to be. But, surely there're fun times I've done on these quite days :) 

I also find for times to develop on photography, which brought me to take some shots on this cat. But my camera still hates my unstable hands, the pictures still come out as the ugly-blurred. I think I need some more times for this.